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Street Stock Car Racing

The Carport Racing Team operates a Mini Stock at the Shenandoah Speedway in Shenandoah, VA.

In the 2007 racing season, Driver Greg Breeden took on the asphalt track at Shenandoah Speedway capturing 2 first place, 3second place and 4 third place trophies. 2008 will be the 18th season that Carport Racing has operated a Mini Stock.

Please visit our events page for all of the details or download the 2008 racing schedule.

2008 Racing Season

Carport Racing will race in the Street Stock class and operate a 1987 Monte Carlo SS with a 361 cubic inch engine. Shenandoah Speedway is a 3/8 oval asphault track with banking and boasts top speeds of 75-80 mph.

Our goal for the 2008 racing season is to build on our 4th place point standings with the help of our dedicated sponsors, friends and family. Our hope is to provide race fans, both seasoned and novice, with a unique experience following driver Greg Breeden and the Carport Racing Team in 2008.

Carport Racing is asking sponsors for tax deductable donations of $300 - $1,000. In return for your sponsorhip, your business will be displayed on both our #9 race car and a link will be provided on our website. Contact us today, view our racing sponsorships page or download our Sponsorship Request Letter to learn how you can become one of our proud marketing partners.