Please Support Our Racing Sponsors!

Thank you for your interest in the Carport Racing Sponsorship Program. The Carport Racing Team is looking for racing sponsors to help support our 2008 racing season and ensure we continue to build on the great success Carport Racing achieved in 2007.

Why Choose a Racing Sponsorship in Virginia?

Motor sports has been rated the fastest growing spectator sport over the past nine years and is rated number one in overall attendance. The fact is, there are more corporations choosing Motor sports as an advertising vehicle then all of the other major-league "Stick and Ball" sports combined!

Modern day motor sports are a sponsor driven industry and enjoys some of the strongest fan support and loyalty ratings in sports entertainment today. Race fans are very discriminating consumers and they demonstrate strong loyalty to participating businesses! Studies show that over 80% of all race fans consciously purchase products and services from businesses that choose to advertise in Motor sports. Motor sports advertising and sponsorship promotions engage a receptive audience. The result leaves fans with a positive long lasting impression and you with a competitive edge on your competition.

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